When you’re on the go, it can be easy to reach out to the quickest option available to help you feel full. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is fast food and a sugary drink. Keep reading for some tips and tricks that will help boost your health on the go, without resorting to unhealthy meals and snacks.

1. Give yourself a head start with a morning glass of water

Oxygen is vital for cell rejuvenation however we lose a lot of it while we sleep in the night. Drinking a pint of water every morning can supply your cells with the necessary amount of oxygen and water they need. For an antioxidant kick, try adding a splash of lemon juice. As a bonus, drinking water helps you feel less tired, reducing your need for a cup of coffee.

2. Grab some fresh fruit

Whether you’re heading to work or going on a road trip, grabbing one or two fruits is a great way to provide your body with essential nutrients needed by your body. Additionally, having some fruit with you will also prevent you from stopping for fast food when you’re hungry. Some great options include bananas, apples, mangoes, jackfruit and dry fruits like dates.

3. Steer clear of fast food and sugary kicks

It can be easy to grab chips or deep fried chicken during lunch break, especially if you are tagging along with colleagues. Fast food is quick, inexpensive and delicious but it can wreak havoc on your body and cause weight gain. Try ordering a salad instead or pack lunch to work. While ordering beverages, skip sugar-laden drinks such as soft drinks and stick to water instead.

4. Munch that lunch

Lunch can be easy to avoid during a busy work schedule, but doing so will not only lead to digestive discomfort but could also cause you to eat a much larger amount of food than normal when you are finally ready for a meal. Therefore, instead of starving yourself, pack your own lunch. It can be as easy as wholegrain bread with an egg salad.

5. Enjoy your tea

Most Africans enjoy having a cup of tea on the go. Keep a few bags of your favorite herbal tea with you so that you can have it during work breaks. Herbal teas, green tea and black tea are packed with antioxidants that help detoxify the body and boost immune system health. Some studies also show that they may aid in weight loss, possibly because they help “fill” you up between meals.

6. Nuts are handy and nutritious

Nuts are the easiest snacks to travel with as they are dry and cause minimal mess. Pack a selection of your favorite nuts and dry fruits and have a few whenever you feel hungry. This will elevate your productivity and energy levels.

7. Try coconut milk for a protein boost

Prepare your favorite “milkshake” using coconut milk and your favorite fruit and have it on the go. The benefit of having coconut milk instead of milk is that it provides proteins, antioxidants, good fats and has a naturally sweet taste that can help enhance your drink’s flavor without the need for any table sugar. To top it all off, coconut milk can make a wonderful and delicious “energy drink” due to its massive levels of electrolytes that can hydrate the body and boost energy levels.

8. Save time with On-the-Go jar meals

Throw in boiled rice, veggies, boiled beans and your choice of protein into a jar and grab it as you head out to work. You can even use leftover chicken or beef to save prep time.