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January is the month where we all rethink our unhealthy December decisions and decide to get back on track. And that’s perfectly fine. What better time to start achieving your goals than the beginning of a new year?

So if you’ve decided to start working towards a healthier life but not sure where to start, simply read on for helpful tips chomas.

Start slowly

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or if you’ve never exercised before, it’s a good idea to start off slowly and then increase the pace of your exercises as you go along. The reason for this is, being a bit unfit at the moment, you might actually get tired more easily and the strain of exercising might make you feel like quitting.

Start with a ten minute walk every day and then slowly increase the time every week.

Even when it comes to going on a diet, try not to force yourself to go on an extreme diet. Start by cutting unhealthy things out of your diet, perhaps one week at a time. If you’re worried about giving in to cravings, replace your unhealthy snacks with something healthy but tasty. So instead of chips and biscuits, eat fruit and yoghurt, for example.

Find a fitness buddy

Don’t you find it easier to accomplish things when you’re doing it with someone else? When it comes to going on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle, having someone to go through it with you will definitely help. So get one of your friends and start exercising (even just walking or jogging) together. Share diet tips with each other, have weekly challenges and encourage each other to keep going.

Get fit through sports or hobbies

When you think about exercise you might immediately think about doing push-ups, running or lifting weight. For some of us, this doesn’t always sound like fun. But fitness doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Why not try taking up a sport you might enjoy? Join your school’s sport team or start your own after school sports team with your friends.

You could also enjoy doing things you love that will keep you active, like dancing, bike riding or swimming.

Keep track

It helps to keep track of what you’re doing to your body so that you can monitor your health changes. Take note of the times you’re making unhealthy choices and the possible reasons for them. Are you more likely to make unhealthy choices when you’re stressed or when you’re with your friends? Do you eat more when you’re bored? Taking note of this will help keep you aware of your habits and lead to you changing them.

Also keep track of your healthy habits. If you can keep a journal of your diet and weight so that you can see the effect of your health choices. You can even ask your doctor or another medical professional for health tips that are specific for your body type.

Stay Positive

Lastly chomas, remember to maintain a positive attitude towards your health goals. Making the decision to be healthier and take care of yourself better is always a good one so never stop trying. If you feel like you’ve backslid into old habits, simply start over. Believe in your ability to achieve your health goals no matter what.

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