Ray of Hope

There are some successful stories which bring ray of hope, that one day world together will eradicate this genocidal disease, and we will be victories against this merciless killer.

Pricilla Success Story

Ms Priscilla, from Nairobi, Kenya, first found out that she is HIV positive in 2007, when she was pregnant with her first child, at 29 weeks into her pregnancy, she was provided with Nevirapine, a drug, to reduce the risk of transmission to her unborn child, after birth of her baby was give Nevirapine for 7 days and she continued to Septrin, a drug, for 7 days and she continued on Septrin to reduce the risk of opportunistic infections, her son is now 8 years old, healthy and HIV negative, it’s a great news and hope. Priscilla, was treated in Komarock, in Nairobi, Kenya, which is run by CDC (Center for Diseases Control and Prevention), partnered with Easter Deanery AIDS Relief Program (EDARP).

South Africa Mother to Child HIV Transmission Decline

South Africa has announced very promising news recently, a significant decline in mother to child HIV transmission for the second consecutive year, according to the new announced data by South African government reveals that just 2.7 percent of babies born to HIV-positive mums contracted the virus by six weeks of age, compared to 8 percent in 2008.


Exclusive Breastfeeding in South Africa

Furthermore, for the reduction of mother to child transmission danger, South Africa embarked on promoting exclusive breastfeeding in April 2012, it is ensured that all eligible HIV positive mothers are on antiretroviral therapy for the duration of breastfeeding, so that there is no HIV transmission, after six weeks of age, government of South Africa also implementing the measure to make sure it is really vital,  that infants born HIV negative remain HIV negative, which is true success of this new policy.

This policy was enacted, because of mix feeding, in which mothers combined breast milk and solids, was found to increase the risk of infants contracting HIV through their mother’s milk.

Mbono Success Story

Ms. Mbono, from South Africa, Cape Town is another success story, in year 2002, she found out that she has the HIV virus, she found out about this disease, when she was pregnant and her HIV test was administered at the start of her ante natal care program, tests revealed she was HIV positive.

With the help of UNICEF and PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) not only she safely delivered the baby with HIV negative but another baby sibling after this was born HIV negative. Additionally, she was informed and educated, how to live with the virus and clearing up her condition to others, her experience also helped other pregnant women to cope with HIV virus, during pregnancy and after the pregnancy.


World Health Organization (WHO) published new guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) for treating and preventing HIV infection. World Health Organization, basically it recommends that new instructions called B+ for PMTCT, which means provision of lifelong ART to all pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV, it must be followed after delivery and completion of breastfeeding for life.

This auspicious development to reduce the infant mortality rates and passing on mother to child HIV virus truly is ray of success.

Written by Awais.F, (Public Health Medical Nutritionist/Fitness Expert)